Hello Folks,

As we all know, the unprecedented wet weather is clearly causing numerous problems in NSW.

At North Shore we’ve been very fortunate to have been largely unaffected up to now. We’ve had a reasonably normal, albeit wet, pre-season and we’re one of the very few clubs who are in that position. Players at most other clubs have rarely had their boots on since the start of January.

That said, last weekend we clearly were affected. A lot of people work hard over the full year to put our teams in a position to play, so it’s very disappointing to lose the opportunity for this like we did on Saturday. Those games look like being rescheduled to July, but it’s still disappointing for teams not to play.

It’s clearly not what we want to have happen and it’s clearly not a problem of our making, but it’s also not one that we can do a great deal about. 

The alternative to what happened on the weekend would have been for the round to have been cancelled completely, with no-one playing at all. We at least had one team play (really well!!) and we were also able to recover some of the costs we’d incurred in setting up the canteen for a normal game day. 

On that note, I’d like to express my most sincere thanks to everyone who had duties on Saturday. Without that assistance we’d have lost thousands of dollars and those efforts enabled the day to ultimately build into a really good function at the rooms on Saturday night.

It’s the positive attitude typified by those who helped out on Saturday that we need to take forward. We’ve certainly had our resilience tested and no doubt it will be again, but if I’ve learnt anything in life it’s that if we stay positive and support each other well through these challenges, we will come through each test in better shape and we’ll enjoy what comes afterwards more.

Easy to say, hard to do, so that’s our real challenge. Stay positive and find ways to be the best we can be and to support those around us. If you feel like you need help yourself, please reach out. Our moments will come and we want to be in great shape overall so that we can really enjoy them when they do.

John Goode


North Shore AFC