Club Update

Hello Folks,

Like most everyone else I’ve been watching the Covid numbers, hoping they’ll start to trend down, but the announcement today that the lockdown has been extended isn’t very surprising.

We don’t know yet what this means for the season, other than we’ve lost some more games. We’ll wait for advice from the AFL and will let you know what the outcome is as soon we’re advised.

In the meantime, all we can do is the best we can do. For us I think that means doing everything we can to stay fit, staying in touch with others as much as possible, helping anyone you think needs it and doing the best we can each day until we get back to normal.

All good things to be doing, even in the best of times. In terms of our off field, the club committee is working hard to get us some wins on income and on cost reductions and I’m sure those efforts will get us into a workable position. We’re still open to ideas on this though, so if anyone has any thoughts, please contact Grant Perris at

Turning negatives into positives has been a persistent theme for us since we lost access to Gore Hill for the redevelopment in 2017 and it’s as important now as at any time in the past 5 seasons. It’s sometimes difficult to see the positive opportunities at times like this, but one of the things we’ve learnt has been that if we persist, if we keep striving to do positive things, then sooner or later those opportunities do present themselves.  

One last point about Covid itself, if you are thinking you will get vaccinated and haven’t yet, I encourage you to get this done. This isn’t a philosophical position either, it’s a pragmatic one. It is very clear that our respective Councils and State and Federal Governments won’t allow us to be open when there is a high risk of transmission. So the only way we can get back to something like normality for work, family, travel and for our sport is for vaccination rates to be high. So I urge you to make your decisions about this.

Everyone has to make their own call, but whatever those end up being, doing our bit to address the inertia on this is at least one positive contribution we can make. 

Otherwise, keep doing positive things and I look forward to seeing you soon.
John Goode – President