Hello Folks,

As you will have heard, there have been changes today regarding Covid-19 restrictions. We’ve been looking to update our advice to the club, but this latest development has taken us back a step.

We clearly need to do our bit to ensure we’re creating as safe an environment as possible and we need to tread carefully in this regard.

This means a number of things and to kick things off please review the items listed under the headings below. 

We need our club leadership to help manage attitudes and compliance with this, so please spread this out to your squad leaders and squads.

We also need to ensure that players, officials and support staff who have not undertaken the Australian Governments Covid-19 Infection Control Training get this done as a matter of priority. The link for the training is https://covid-19training.gov.au/

Completion of this training will be a requirement to attend training next week. As was the case last year, completed forms need to be sent to Wendy at compliance@northshorefc.com.au.

New players, coaches and support staff will also need to complete the attached Acknowledgement Form. The completed forms should also be sent to Wendy at compliance@northshorefc.com.au.

It’s a requirement of the Acknowledgment Form that signatories have read our updated Training Plan and this is attached. 

Items for immediate action.

Strictly no training attendance for people with Covid-19 symptoms.

This has been a requirement since we returned last year. We need to reinforce the requirement and anyone who arrives with symptoms needs to be sent home.

Attendance at Case Location

Anyone associated with North Shore who has attended any of the case locations indicated on the NSW Health website must stay away from the club until they have received a negative covid-19 test result. The covid case locations can be found at https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates#nsw-covid-19-case-locations.

Ground management at training

Any non-North Shore people on the oval at training will need to be asked to move off the oval, or sign into our session using our QR code.

Signing in at Training

Signing in at training will be mandatory. This applies to everyone attending the session, including players, coaches, S&C staff, Physio staff, parents, supporters, club volunteers, committee members and so on. So everyone. We will use our QR code for this rather than the sign in sheets, because at this stage there’s no need for us to separate groups. 

Room limits

These will be reinstated. Signs will be up this weekend and they need to be complied with. At this stage the advice is 2 square metres per person, however the council has placed a limit of 25 people on the club room. Although that is about 4 square metres per person we will need to comply with the requirement until it changes. 2 square meters per person enables a reasonable number of people in our change rooms (30 plus), but can we please limit those in the rooms to people connected directly with the team and club (ie no parents, friends, partners, grandparents etc).

Water Bottles

There appeared to be some relaxation with the use of water bottles recently, but this has been clarified and it’s not permitted under the AFL Covid-19 guidelines for NSW. So all players and umpires must bring their own water bottles to training and games. These must also not be shared. 

Away Games

Teams playing away should arrive ready to play, limit their use of the rooms and leave as quickly as reasonably possible after their games. 

Social Distancing & Personal Hygiene

People attending Gore Hill Oval need to comply with all social distancing and personal hygiene requirements.

The club will make hand sanitisers available again in the rooms, at the canteen & bbq and at the entrances to the ground. These should be used

Covid-19 Training.

All players need to undertake Covid-19 Infection Control Training. Many will have done this last year and will be on the register, but all new players will need to go through this and forward their completion certificates to Wendy Fraser at compliance@northshorefc.com.au. The link for this is https://covid-19training.gov.au/

Not really loving Covid, but be thankful we’re not in India.

John Goode – President