Hello Folks,

With our AGM coming up next Wednesday night (27th of January), I’d like to encourage more people to get involved at our club.

It’s been really pleasing over the past few years to witness the steady increase in the number of people helping out. In addition to improving the feel of the club, this has enabled us to lighten the load on key people, to do more and to progressively improve what we do.

There are still plenty of things that we can do better though, so we’re are really keen to see that progressive improvement continue and to do this, we need to continue the development of our off field team.

To make it easier for people to get involved, to stay involved and to enjoy making a positive contribution, we’ve broken the various responsibilities at the club into smaller pieces that cover a range of areas and most of these roles don’t require regular attendance at committee meetings.

There are 5 Executive roles, with those being Secretary, Treasurer, Revenue Streams, Match Day Operations and Football Operations and under these positions some of the other roles include;

Social media/website


Volunteer Coordinator









North Shore Network



Training Night Meals

Umpire Coordinator

Tribunal Delegate

Coaches & Assistant Coaches

Physio & S&C Coordinator

Team and Squad Managers

Player Welfare

Junior & Schools Liaison

It’s actually really rewarding to get involved, so if you have an interest in helping out in any of these areas, or even if you want to help out generally, please contact Liz Fitzgerald at secretary@northshorefc.com.au, or John Goode president@northshorefc.com.au or call John on 0414 904 204 if you’d like to understand more.

John Goode