Men’s Premier Division 2020 Season Overview

As the 2020 season wraps up we unfortunately have to say goodbye to Michael Ford as the head coach of the Men’s Premier Division Side. He was a fantastic coach, respected by all and will be missed by all whom he coached this year. Though we are pleased that he will be staying on with the club in a volunteering capacity under the new title of Head of Football which we are very excited about! In his absence we have had Lloyd Perris step up to take on the role of Head Coach of the Men’s Premier Division team. We would like to formally welcome Lloyd as our new head coach and we sat down to talk to him about the season just gone, the season to come and his plans for the Men’s Premier Division team for 2021.

While Lloyd notes that the end to the 2020 season for the Men’s Premier Division team was a bitter one they have taken this in stride, identified the reason for this outcome and are looking forward to really adjusting the teams dynamic in 2021 to ensure they get the most out of every opportunity provided to them. Despite the end of the season Lloyd chooses to focus on and comments upon the positive impacts 2020 has had to the Men’s Premier Division team,

            ‘We were able to see a lot of quality North Shore players return to the club from    playing interstate and in the NEAFL. We want to continue to bring North Shore juniors back to the club. We can also take a great deal of confidence from going through the regular season undefeated. This certainly proves that we are good enough to beat anyone and we are really hungry to prove that in 2021.’

With all these positives under Lloyd’s consideration he is really excited to be working with what he has called, ‘ a fantastic young group of talented footballers, who love their footy and love the club.’ Being a development orientated coach Lloyd is ready to help our players grow and take the next step in the 2021 preseason and playing-season!

Having spent a few months with North Shore in assistant coaching roles in the 2020 season Lloyd has had the opportunity to develop strong relationships with the players and staff and is now looking forward to pushing  hard and helping the team seek all round improvement. This starts in preseason which has commence now! This years preseason will be about pushing and testing the boys both physically and mentally and Lloyd is interested in encouraging all of them to set high standards for not only themselves but also their team mates and support accountability for both! This will really reinforce the mate ship and teamwork that is displayed already on and off the field!

Lloyd is also ready to impart a more transparent approach for the Men’s Premier Division team,

            ‘As players and coaches, I want North Shore to take a really honest and transparent approach to our football. This means being really clear on what the North Shore brand of football is, on what we stand for as a team and reviewing to this standard. On an individual level, this means players understanding their strengths and why they are in the team. If we approach our football in this way, we can have a clear direction and   understanding of where we are at and have genuine conversations about it.’

Lloyd isn’t interested in beating around the bush and he is open to the end goal being to bring home a Premier Division flag in the 2021 season! Lloyd comments that North Shore has amazing relationship’s with junior clubs, providing clear pathway programs to develop young footballers. North Shore also has a strong emphasis on developing from within the club and caring and supporting the growth of our community. Lloyd remarks, ‘[All] This creates an inclusive environment that includes an incredibly strong network of past players and officials.’ Lloyd is excited to continue building upon this current club culture and expanding it even further and all the Men’s Premier Division hard work, self and team development across preseason and playing-season with work towards the clubs continued and improved community.