Grand Final Tickets

Hello Folks,

Our team has been working through the distribution of our ticket allocation for tomorrow’s grand finals and by now virtually all tickets have been sent out.

Sadly the allocation we received from the AFL for this weekend is 150 tickets less than we received for last weekend, which is about the number of tickets requests that we haven’t been able to satisfy for tomorrow. 

It is really disappointing after the year that we’ve had that we’re not in a position to provide tickets to everyone who wants to go out and support their club and their loved ones. There have been attempts to address this situation and we have made requests for additional tickets, but the advice we’ve been provided by the AFL is that isn’t possible for any more to be provided. 

We have done our best to allocate what tickets we have been given as equitably as possible to players, coaches, support staff, family, sponsors, life members, committee and volunteers, but the reality is that in many cases we haven’t been able to satisfy the requests we’ve received, because we simply don’t have enough tickets.

I can only apologise sincerely for this, because in reality there is very little else I can do.

Against that background if you’re in possession of a ticket that you think might no longer need, can you please send it as soon as possible to Emily Stone at 

There are families who can’t get all their members to these games, so we’d love to be able help some of them out.

The matches will be live streamed on AFL Sydney’s Facebook page. For those who we couldn’t get tickets for, don’t forget to tune in and follow the action online.

John Goode – President