Season Update

Hello Folks,

Some good news at last – AFL NSW/ACT has announced details for the 2020 season!!

We’ve been advised that the AFL is targeting a start date of the 17th of July, with 9 rounds and a full finals series. The finish of the season would then be in mid-October.

This is obviously subject to a final NSW Government approval that itself relies on continued progress with Covid-19, but it’s great that we’ve got something definite to aim at. 

There will clearly need to be a progression to full contact training in the near future and we will pass that information on as soon as it becomes available.

At this stage we still don’t have the information from the AFL that we need to set our registration fees (eg AFL affiliation fees, insurance costs etc). There was a recent suggestion from the AFL that fees paid by Sydney AFL clubs to the AFL would need to be as much as 70% of what they’d be for a full season, but given this announcement our hope is that we’ll be able to set our club registration fees as close as possible to half what they’d normally be. 

We’ll publish the actual registration fee as soon as we can and in addition, when we get a handle on what the final payments from players will be, we’ll look to establish an equitable outcome for the people who have already paid full rego for 2020.

Up to now season 2020 might have felt a bit vague to some of you, but this announcement gives us much need clarity and we now have a legitimate season to prepare for.

Our preparation is going to be abnormal and interrupted, but that’s going to be the same for all other clubs. 

I’ve been really happy with the approach of all squads and coaches, despite the obvious frustrations. No doubt there’ll still be some challenges in front of us, but if we keep turning negatives into positives it’s going to be a great season.

Let’s Go!!