Hello Folks,

Just a quick follow up from my communication last week.
Following recent Government announcements we have received a number of enquiries about whether we can return to training in groups of 10 after this coming Friday.
As noted last week, we expect an announcement from the AFL during this week about the elite competition and we hope that there will be an update about community football not too long after that.
At this stage though, no dates have been suggested.
It is also worth noting that there are at least four sets of requirements that will have to be cleared before a return to training can happen. These are the requirements of the Federal Government, the NSW Government, the AFL and the Willoughby Council.
To give you a feel for the work that is ahead of us in preparing to return to training, the Council have advised that each association and club will have to have a Covid-19 management plan in place, which includes educating it’s members, before community sport/training can resume – and there are six pages of requirements that must be satisfied for this plan. No doubt the Government and AFL requirements will add to this list.
In summary, while it’s fantastic that good progress has been made on Covid-19 in Australia, it is extremely unlikely that we will be in a position to resume group training from this weekend and it may a few weeks before we can.
Trust me, I completely get the very strong desire to get back to training and the frustration with not being able to. However, we have no option but to comply with the timing and process requirements outlined for us and in any event, the last thing we’d want is for a cluster of infections to be associated with our club.
As we’ve seen, these clusters are still happening, so we have to do everything we reasonably can to avoid being the cause of potentially serious health issues for our families and others that we come into contact with. In addition, the ramifications of a cluster emanating from North Shore are also quite serious for the club and for the Sydney AFL competition.

It will be a great relief to be able to announce our return to training and playing, but unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for this.
In the meantime please keep up the great work you’ve been putting in to keep fit and also to look after each other.

All the best
John Goode – President