With the season nearly upon us it is time to get you tickets and get ready for the party that always starts the footy season off on the right foot – SEASON LAUNCH!

The night will be on the 14th of March starting at 6:30pm at the Union Hotel. Tickets are $15 which will provide pizzas for everyone for the night.

We will have the room upstairs booked out so it will be private from the rest of the pub and the private bar upstairs should be operating though you will be able to go downstairs for drinks if you would like beer or cider on tap.

With season launch less than two weeks away it is time to get your ticket! This year we are going to try using a new booking site called Humanitix. It is very similar to TryBooking though Humanitix is a not-for-profit site and the surcharge fee goes towards supporting a charity. The launch surcharge will be going toward feeding disadvantaged school children in Australia! No child should have to go to school hungry and with the help of us, Humanitix and Ozharvest we can hopefully help to make a difference!

Please find the link below to purchase your ticket to the season launch if you haven’t already!

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