Vale Victoria Swan

As many of you associated with the club will know by now, Victoria Swan tragically passed away last week at only 27 years of age.

It is still very difficult to digest the news and I know that it has shocked and deeply saddened many people.

For those of your in our extended community who mightn’t have known her, Tori was a larger than life character who had a positive effect on everyone around her.

She was a foundation women’s player and was absolutely central to the development of our women’s program. 

Tori was always volunteering to do jobs around the club. She helped with registration collections and merchandise sales and was involved running numerous social events, as well as the Red & Black Ball and B&F Presentation Night.

Tori was core North Shore and she will be greatly missed by everyone who had the great pleasure of knowing her.

The club has arranged for counselling and support for anyone who needs it and information relating to this will be posted on the group pages.

We are also going to do what we can to support Tori’s family and information about this will also be posted on the group pages.

 John Goode