Men’s Premier Division Coaching Announcement

North Shore is pleased to announce that 2024 Head Coaching for Men’s Premier Division has been settled. In a new approach for us, Ryan Meldrum and Danny Roberts will be Co-Head Coaches for Men’s Prem’s next year.

As we know, Molly picked up the rebuild of our senior men’s program in 2016 and did a fantastic job over then ensuing 4 years. He brings that experience, his ongoing business experience and a few more years of wisdom back to the role. While Danny is new to coaching, he is far from new to football, or to North Shore. He is extremely passionate about the club and will be able to leverage his drive and considerable success in building teams to help continue the upward trajectory of our senior men’s squad.

I’d like to again thank Buck Rogers and his team for the great contribution they’ve made. We have clearly gone forward on field and the ‘We not Me’ culture that Buck has championed, with all that it means, is a critical element of what we need to achieve the success we’re looking for.

So congratulations to Molly and Danny for their appointment. I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them all the very best as we continue to strive for success and if their energy and commitment are anything to go by, I’m sure we’ll achieve it. The following are some words from them.

Daniel Roberts (left) and Ryan Meldrum (right) will coach North Shore’s Mens Premier Division side in 2024.

From Molly and Danny

We are thrilled to be given the opportunity to coach North Shore Men’s Premier Division. As we are both life members, premiership players and deeply connected to the club, we look forward to continuing our deep connection and are greatly appreciative of the opportunity to be part of the next phase of its growth and success.

The on-field results of the last few years have been excellent and continue to see us move forward. We would like to say thank you to Buck, Jon Hayres, and the rest of the coaching group from this year for their commitment to the club and for the progress we’ve made. From an off-field perspective, we look forward to working closely with John Goode to help take the club from strength to strength.

To consider that the average age of our grand final squad was only 24, we believe the premiership window is well and truly open. The finals experience the players have gained over the past couple of years puts our playing group in a fantastic position to have another tilt at flags in 2024. Our initial focus will be on retaining the full squad from this year as well as some targeted recruitment to strengthen areas of our game.

Finally, our intent is to also continue to build the club spirit and celebrate the great history of this club, across both the men’s and women’s programs. We look forward to your support on match days, around the club or in any way you can.

Go Bombers!