Membership Fees 2023 Notification

We’ve delayed communicating membership fees while we have been pursuing several sponsorship opportunities for 2023, because the outcome of these affects the level of the remaining costs we need to cover with membership fees.

The costs that relate to all teams, including ground hire, affiliation fees, insurance, physio, tape, footies, bank & accounting fees, trophies and depreciation and so on, translate to more than $650 per player. This excludes the cost of AFL supplied umpires that some teams get (and we still pay for), as well as some other sundry costs. Payments to the AFL for affiliation fees and insurance and to the Council for ground hire, account for about 60% of this $650. All clubs pay affiliation fees, but the big difference for us is the cost of ground hire, with most clubs paying substantially less and some effectively not paying anything.

Gore Hill Oval is a unique surface that allows us high volume training for nearly 10 months of the year, regardless of how much it’s rained, and we also get fewer injuries on it. These are benefits that definitely aren’t enjoyed by members of other clubs, who are often rained off for long periods of time, but they come at a cost.

Steve Lemm from Mortgage Choice Neutral Bay and Lachie Wilmot and Karl Goodman from Athletes Authority, have continued their sponsorships, which is great news, as have WATSO and McConnell Bourn. However, the new sponsorship opportunities we’ve been pursuing haven’t come to hand, although one of these remains a prospect for 2024.

Our aspiration has been to limit increases in membership fees and we’ve able to do for the past couple of seasons despite the difficulties experienced. We were looking to do something similar this year through the additional sponsorship, but with forecast income not increasing and costs going up, significantly in some cases, membership fees need to increase to get our budget back to break even.

There are opportunities to reduce your individual membership costs through club umpiring, team managing and otherwise helping around the club. So if you’re interested in that please let us know. Payment plans will also be available again by contacting Sam Jackson at

We’ll keep working on sponsorships and alternative methods of fundraising and if these efforts produce a profit that enables it, we will look to rebate 2023 members a proportionate amount to bring membership costs back down to those who’ve paid on time and in full.

A significant amount of this extra fundraising is in our own hands, by supporting Phoebe’s events and our canteen, as well as looking after our gear. So let’s have a great time around the club and hopefully get some of your membership fees back in your pocket at the end of the year.

We’d also be really happy to hear about any sponsorship or grant opportunities you might be aware of.

2023 Membership Fees will be as shown below and there’ll be separate comms about the process;

Category$On or before
Early Bird$ 570.0028th of March
Standard$ 590.0025th of April
Late$ 650.00After 25th of April
Payoff$ 620.0025th of April*

*Plan confirmed with Treasurer on or before 25th of April



Registration and Membership Process for 2023

Collection of Membership Fees has been a significant challenge over the past few years and it’s one of the main reasons the club has to hold back expenditure on things like footballs during the season. In addition, even with the enormous effort that’s gone into it, we still haven’ been able to collect all membership that’s been due.

To simplify the process of reconciliation and follow up, this year registration and membership

payments will be managed through PlayHQ.

For anyone taking up the Early Bird Offer to pay membership on or before the 28th of March, the process will be simpler than in previous years, as Registration and Membership payment are part of one process in PlayHQ. See below for the link.

If you are not taking up the Early Bird Offer and are intending to pay your membership in full from the 29th of March to the 25th of April, you need to register using the voucher number A1A44505.

Payment plans are also available if you’re not able to pay in full before the 25th of April. To set up your payment plan contact Sam Jackson at, but please note that all payment plans need to be in place on or before the 25th of April.

The Late Fee Rate applies after the 25th of April and anyone not paid up at that point risks non-

selection until they’re paid up.

For those undertaking roles around the club, reduced fees are available. Club umpires should

contact Tilly Eder for their voucher and playing coaches and team managers should contact Mike Jones for theirs.

As always, you won’t be able to play unless you register, so please get onto this now!.

To register and complete your player membership, click here –