Leave the guernseys at home, all footy gear aside, red and black ball your sure in for a surprise!

Dust off the tuxes, put on your gowns, polish off yours heels it’s time to hit the town!

Make mates with the bar guy whilst the champagne pours, it’s time to settle in, we’re locking the doors.

We shall feast like kings, chat like queens, get yourself double parked, you’re in for a win.

Let’s not forget, the wonderful squad, get round your bombers and hit the dancefloor!

There’ll be Abba, Daryl maybe Dua too, surely we’ll also have a bomber debut.

Now stop procrastinating, get yourselves locked in, cause my god we are in for a win!

Theme: red, black & white ❤️🖤

(Thanks to Phoebe Gray for the poetry)

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