On National Volunteer Week, we recognise and pay tribute to those who put in the hours every week.

To get 14 teams, 280 players, on the field every week doesn’t just happen. From those who get to to the ground early in the morning and set up the ground to those who pack up and clean up at night after the last game.

Each team has a coach, a runner, a team manager. For most grades we need a field umpire and a goal umpire. A ground manager and timekeeper for home games. Looking after the league paperwork, entering results in FootyWeb. People looking to pump up footballs, find goal umpire flags 2 minutes before the game is due to start etc; and so much more.

Not to mention the canteen, which keeps us fed & hydrated while raising valuable funds.And those working behind the scenes. The committee. People looking after sponsors, working on fundraising and events. Dealing with out-of-the-ordinary issues as they arise. And so much more.

At times you’ll be asked to help out. Please get involved willingly – it’s those who put the most into their experience with our club that get the most out of it. And it’s why we run a pretty good game day at Gore Hill on Saturdays.

It takes a cast of hundreds to keep this club going.

We have several extraordinarily dedicated people at our club. It’s a key reason why we’ve been able to grow so quickly.

To our volunteers, we thank you.