The 2021 season is fast approaching, and it’s time to get ready.

We had some success in 2020, but to make the next step we need to be prepared. We need to be fit, up to scratch with skills and in tune with the game plan. So it’s time to get training under way.

If you are going to be the best footballer you can be, you need to get your preparations for 2021 started.

Pre-season training is on! Between now and the Christmas break, training will be run at the following times and venues:

Mens Seniors & Reserves:

Tuesday 6pm-7:30pm – Gore Hill Oval

Thursday 6pm-7:30pm – Gore Hill Oval

Womens Seniors & Reserves:

Monday 7pm-8:30pm – Mowbray Public School

Wednesday 6:30pm-8pm – Chatswood High School

Under 19s:

Same as Mens Seniors

Mens Div 1, 2 & 3:

Tuesday 7:30pm-9pm – Gore Hill Oval

Thursday 7:30pm-9pm – Gore Hill Oval

Womens Div 2 & 3:

Monday 6:30pm-8pm – Mowbray Public School

Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm – Chatswood High School

Times are subject to change with not much notice, we’ll let players know if that happens. Additional sessions may also be scheduled.

Players are strongly encouraged to come to as many training sessions as they can. It’s only by training regularly that you can get your fitness and skill up to the level you need to be, to know your game and your role, and work with your team towards the ultimate success.

New players are always welcome. Whether you’re an aspiring elite player, a weekend warrior or have never played before but wouldn’t mind having a go; we’ve got room in one of our teams for you! Come along, have a run and a kick of the footy and meet your new team-mates!

If you want to know more, drop us a line at or

EDIT – Women’s teams are starting this week. Mens teams start training next week.