Hello Folks, 

As many of you know, the under 19 Division 1 and Men’s Premier Division sides are playing preliminary finals at Henson Park this weekend. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the club has only received a limited allocation of tickets for these games.

Tickets will be allocated to players, coaches, managers and members of the support team for the Under 19’s and for the men’s Premier Division squads.  

We will have some additional tickets, so if you would like to attend and if you don’t, or suspect that you might not, fit into any of these categories, can you please fill out the table below, and forward it to events@northshorefc.com.au.

The ticket allocation process is quite time consuming and all tickets have to be allocated by Friday evening, so we need all ticket requests to be submitted by 10pm on Thursday night.

It is possible that the number of ticket requests will exceed the number of available tickets and if that situation eventuates it won’t be able to accommodate all requests. We will however do our best.

If you would like to attend either game, can you please get your ticket requests in early to help reduce the pressure on our volunteers involved with the ticket allocations.

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Game Requested
No. of Tickets

John Goode – President