The regular season comes to an end this Saturday, and it couldn’t have been better poised for a big dat.
Our Mens Seniors are playing off for top spot with the clash of the two undefeated teams as we take on Sydney Uni. And for our Womens Seniors, in their first season in Premier Division, a spot in the finals is on the line. We have the home ground advantage, and we’re ready to play!
For some of our other teams, their position in the finals is on the line; and there’s always the need to build up some winning momentum to take into the playoffs. There’s no dead rubbers in the last round; and we’re going all out to win.
And for our North Shore diaspora spread far and wide, we have a special treat for you tomorrow. Join us live on our Facebook page from 2pm tomorrow as Sam Carruthers and Ryan “Molly” Meldrum call a live stream of the match and the battle for top spot.
For some of our teams, this is the last game for the year. To those players who play their last game of 2020 tomorrow, we’ve loved having you at North Shore this year; and we’d love to see you back for another season in 2021.
Team selections are now up. Congratulations to everyone who has been selected to wear the black and red of the Bombers tomorrow. Go well, play great footy in great spirit and you won’t go wrong!!
As a community sporting club, we rely on volunteers to get things done on game day; and we put on a pretty good game day at Gore Hill. To those who have been asked to do duties tomorrow, please put in your best efforts and keep our club going strong.
And it’s important we continue to follow the appropriate covid-19 protocols. Players have been messaged separately about this. Please bring your own clearly marked water bottles, we can’t allow water bottles to be shared. When watching games, please spread out with the appropriate social distancing. Unfortunately players and coached only on the ground during the breaks, we can’t let people not involved in that game to come into the huddles during breaks.
Have a great weekend everyone! And here’s hoping we get to sing the song loud and proud many times; both at home and away!!
Go Bombers!!

Mens Seniors (Premier Division)
v Sydney Uni
Saturday 2:10pm
Gore Hill Oval
Pacific Highway, St Leonards
B N Smith H Walker D Fitzgerald
HB C Lappin J Woodman L Hayres
C J McKenzie M Manteit N Brewer
HF J Barling J Rayner J Veale
F M Thomas R Hebron M Wilson
Ruck C Loone K Devlin N Campbell
Int B Parks J Mudge P Roseby
W Giacometti
Emer L Giacometti M Marquez
Mens Reserves (Premier Reserves)
v Sydney Uni
Saturday 4:30pm
Gore Hill Oval
Pacific Highway, St Leonards
B N Hurrell A Morgan A Bastas
HB C Sennitt B Caddey M Marquez
C T Meacham M Goode M Barritt
HF Z Fyffe N Hill M Varjavandi
F M Buskariol F Babic B Cunningham
Ruck M Whitbread T Weston W Bradley
Int Z Fyffe C Silvester A Rankin
J Griffiths
Mens Thirds (Division One)
v Sydney Uni
Saturday 10:40am
Gore Hill Oval
Pacific Highway, St Leonards
B R Hezlett T Shumack T Lewis
HB J Brasher H Barnum D Vandenbrink
C A McConnell T Harley-Ross M Pendlebury
HF J Potter E Alexander S London
F R Barkley J Millar A Cox
Ruck M Crisafulli N Bogard T Worley
Int S Penniment M Bowden S Wood
S Hayres
Emer S Kempson C Hungerford H Benyon
Mens Fourths (Division Two)
v East Coast
Saturday 12:10pm
Kanebridge Oval
Cnr Withers & Commercial Rd, Rouse Hill
B O James J Crisafulli J Waller
HB H Morgan S Kempson M Voyage
C E Byrne M Francis B Bourn
HF J Stokes S Jackson C Hungerford
F C Dennis M Gerald S Milligan
Ruck D McKinnon R Moloney J Bateman
Int C Pugh C Douglass C Smith
H Mainsbridge
Mens Fifths (Division Three)
v Inner West
Saturday 12:00pm
Picken Oval
Hampden Ave, Croydon Park (Behind Magpie Sports Club)
B J Morris N Baker S Haughton
HB A Dzirnis-Beasley C O’Halloran A MacRae
C J Anderson C Hoffman J English
HF M Bell N Barclay J Mills
F I Selvarajah L Mills M Jones
Ruck K Gyoery L Smith J Barclay
Int W McPhee L Tilley S Bagot
S Mckrell
Emer J Der L Beard C Thomas
Womens Seniors (Premier Division)
v Sydney Uni
Saturday 12:30pm
Gore Hill Oval
Pacific Highway, St Leonards
B K Limbrey F Dalton
HB P Clegg N Steel C Stanley
C E Matheson P Larkin A Wilson
HF G Walker S Barnes S Lewington
F S Ismen M Brydon
Ruck K Reynolds Z Hurrell D Carruthers
Int M Eder J Kronqvist S Edwards
I Mcleay I Hurst
Emer K Gilchrist A Keating O Cason
Womens Reserves (Division One)
v Sydney Uni
Saturday 9:00am
Gore Hill Oval
Pacific Highway, St Leonards
B S Gidley L Seddon
HB A Martin G O’Hare O Cason
C L Krimmer N Shaw K Evans
HF L Crawford C Fyffe A Keating
F H Fell M Fogarty
Ruck E Morgan K Gilchrist O Higgins
Int I English K Hovatter A O’Reilly
E McCrossin P Gray
Emer A Doran O Basheer S Oesterheld
Womens Thirds (Division Two)
v South-West Sydney
Saturday 11:00am
Rosedale Oval
Cnr Stroud & National St, Warwick Farm
B A Baker P Gresham
HB O Basheer A Bradley T Jenkins
C S Ridgway I Smith C Langford
HF N Seroukas A Doran M Simpson
F A Kalaf K Sutton
Ruck S Ryan E Chapman B Taylor
Int S Oesterheld J Silvester E Kozak
M Hosie E Elliot
Emer B Casey A Davies
Womens Fourths Black (Division Three)
v Camden
Saturday 10:10am
Fairfax Reserve
Sir Warwick Fairfax Drive, Harrington Park
B R Tucker C Hope
HB J Abrams F Bosscher O Dudley
C H Forster A Kiriczenko C O’Neill
HF M Currie M W-Andrews G Gale
F L Mann T Wightman
Ruck A Barkworth R Taylor K Boyle
Int E Waddington T Murphy S Denny
K Rainier G Beck
Emer S Stack K Mesiti
Womens Fourths Red (Division Three Red)
v St George
Saturday 9:00pm
Olds Park
Forest Rd opp Morts Rd, Peakhurst
B L Greenwood I Johnson
HB B Miller B Larcombe N La Chappelle
C A Anderson S White E Moran
HF C Olds B Sulicich G Mercado
F J Maher A Davies
Ruck S Chirgwin K Rees S McGirr
Int A Campbell R Gaunt M Champoux
S Graham M Mastrobattista
Emer E Stone
Under 19s Division One
v Sydney Uni
Saturday 6:30pm
Gore Hill Oval
Pacific Highway, St Leonards
B S Austin A Beveridge C Barnum
HB L Giacometti X Menzies S Netting
C S Aisatullin H Cooper M Martin
HF M Gugger L Puncher M McKenzie
F J Tidemann T Pope N Brading
Ruck A Graham O Bird M Riley
Int K Gabila R Lowry J Raue
P Mainsbridge
Under 19s Division Two
v South-West Blues
Saturday 9:00am
Rosedale Oval
Cnr Stroud & National St, Warwick Farm
B B Strong J Netting
HB J Alderson H Edwards R Thomson
C J O’Callaghan E Court L Lawrence
HF L McIntosh J Toussaint C Taylor
F B Piro O Mulder
Ruck O Dwyer C Levy N Armstrong
Int W Maitland Z Skrabanich S Steinberg
W Micheletti