Hello Folks,

Firstly, congratulations to everyone on what’s been a really positive start to the season, despite all the challenges leading up to round 1!
As everyone knows 2020 is a very different kind of year and Covid-19 related restrictions are stretching the budgets of players and clubs alike.
As advised previously, despite a significant drop in revenue we have been able to achieve sufficient savings to enable registration payments to be reduced from $500 to $350 for regular payments and from $550 to $400 for payments made after round 3 (normally round 1).
It’s obviously round 3 this coming Saturday, so we need to remind everyone that registration payments go up this weekend.
In addition, from this weekend selection preference will be given to those players who’ve paid registration. We don’t want to see any player miss games, but equally, we need everyone’s contribution so that we can get through this year in the best shape possible.
So if you haven’t paid your registration fee yet, can you please arrange this by Friday and if you need to organise a payment plan, please contact Sam Jackson (treasurer@northshorefc.com.au).

To get it done, go to http://www.northshorefc.com.au/register/

Well done on your seasons so far and good luck to everyone for this weekend’s games.

John Goode – President