North Shore Club Update

There has obviously been quite a lot happening over the past few days and while I’m very conscious of the 24hr ‘news’ cycle for covid-19, I think another club update is required.

In the last couple of days the AFL has obviously deferred the start of the main AFL season until the 31st of May, but nothing has actually changed for Sydney AFL. We are still the 31st of May too.

What we’ve been doing over the past few days is working to stabilise the financial position of the club.

As I indicated previously, our club costs start building from November each year, even before we start training, and we pay for those costs, as well as those that we incur during the season, with sponsorships, fundraising, canteen/bar sales and registration fees.

The deferral of the season has significantly reduced all of our revenue streams, so we will be well down on net income. Given this, we obviously need to do what we can to reduce our costs.

Given the timing of the announcements about the season, our pre-season costs (eg ground hire, lights, insurance, physio, tape, equipment, merchandise, coaches etc) are what they would be if we were to play a full season. They’re all fully committed and have to be paid, so there’s no opportunity to reduce them.

Some of our in-season costs are also committed (eg jumpers, merchandise, footballs etc) and have to be paid, but there are a number of other costs that aren’t committed yet and where possible all of these have been put on hold.

At this stage our forecasts show that we will be able to get through this year, so that’s the first hurdle cleared. Our next steps include;

·         Working out how to raise the funds we need to run our next pre-season and to start the 2021 season

·         Working out how to resolve the obvious inequity of some people having paid full rego with other people having not contributed yet.

·         Putting together whatever support systems we can for people affected by the broader fall out of the virus.

On a really positive note, I’d like to give particular thanks to Steve Lemm from Mortgage Choice Neutral Bay and to John Drake from Prime Constructions, who’ve confirmed their sponsorships for the season.

Both have been staunch supporters of the club for quite a while and their support now is critical for us. I can’t thank them enough and if you get the opportunity to thank them, please do.

I’d also like to thank Grahame Boys, Peter Meacham and Ryan Meldrum for making contact and offering to assist with fundraising efforts. Some good ideas have been floated already and I’m sure others will join with them to create a great result.

No doubt there’ll be challenges ahead, but we will keep working to get the best outcome we can and if we’re patient and supportive of each other we’ll get the best result possible.

John Goode – President