Mens Fifths A (Division 3A)


This Week’s Final:



Sunday 11:20am

Blacktown International Sportspark, Eastern Rd, Rooty Hill


Season To Date:

Home & Away – Played 17. Won 15. Lost 2. 289.52%.

Second after home and away season. (Final five system)

Qualifying Final – North Shore 6.5 (41) v Southern Power 5.5 (35)

Major Semi-Final – North Shore 15.7 (97) v Camden 9.12 (66)


Leading Goalkickers:

Gordon Smith – 33

Sam Bagot – 17

Tristan Mears – 14


Qualifying Final Goals – L Beard, J Collins-Woolcock, S Bagot, G Smith, D McCarthy, L Smith.

Major Semi-Final Goals – S Bagot 3, M Minack 2, G Smith 2, J Jennings 2, D McKinnon, J Bateman, H Elliott, J Der, J Anderson, L Smith.


Times Named in Best 6:

Laurence Smith – 8

Gordon Smith – 8

Jack Bateman – 6


Qualifying Final Best – J Waller, P Vrljic, G Smith, J Bateman, T Beissmann, H Mainsbridge.

Major Semi-Final Best – H Mainsbridge, L Smith, G Smith, T Beissmann, S Bagot, J Anderson.


Head to Head v Camden:

Round 14 – North Shore 7.6 (48) v UNSW-ES 7.5 (47) at Gore Hill Oval

Round 15 – North Shore 8.3 (51) v UNSW-ES 4.6 (30) at Village Green


What Happens from Here:

If North Shore win – Premiers

If North Shore lose – Runners Up



Our Fifths A team won through to the Grand Final with a comfortable 31-point win over Camden in the Major Semi-Final. The win earned them a week off, a chance to get over any niggles and fine-tune preparations for the big game. We’ll be playing UNSW-ES, who have come up from the Elimination Final and held Camden goal-less in last week’s Preliminary Final.

We’ve got the job done twice against the Bulldogs this season. Back to back meetings in July saw the Bombers get up by a point at Gore Hill before a 21-point win the next week at the Village Green.

After a long and exhausting season, our Bombers are fit and ready to go. There’s a strong playing list in our Div 3 squad, so strong we put two teams on the field in this division in 2019. And now is the time to make it count. Plenty of quality in this squad, and if they can work together on the day, they have what it takes to bring some silverware back to Gore Hill.

A strong squad is ready to go, and is playing for premiership glory