To everyone who has been selected to play for North Shore, congratulations! Wear the jumper with pride and play some great footy!!

There is one more team where selection is still being finalised, our first ever Masters team. If you’re able to stick around into the evening at Gore Hill, you’ll be thoroughly entertained as the Bomber stars of yesteryear pull on the jumper again and we’ll see if they’ve still got it…..

Coaches, if there’s any late changes to any teams, please make sure all players affected are aware.

As always, we rely on volunteers to get a myriad of tasks done on game day – a growing number as we take on more teams.
If you have been asked to perform some duties tomorrow, please roll your sleeves up and get it done. If you haven’t been asked and you see something that needs to be done and are able to, please put your hand up.
It’s the great club people who get involved.

Have a great day, and here’s hoping we get to hear the song sung with great gusto all across our city.

Mens Seniors (Premier Division)

v East Coast

Gore Hill Oval, Saturday 2:10pm

B   N Hurrell    J Campbell    J Schumack 
HB   A McConnell    K Lower    K Devlin 
C   J McKenzie    T Meacham    Z Fyffe 
HF   E Sertbas    C Barker    P Roseby 
F   B Cunningham    T Alexander    M Thomas 
Ruck   C Loone    S Crane    C Silvester 
Int   N Smith    W Taylor    M Buskariol 
    N Campbell         

Mens Reserves (Premier Reserves)

v East Coast

Gore Hill Oval, Saturday 4:30pm

B   M Marquez    C Holmes    A Roy 
HB   J Cubis    L Telley    T Lewis 
C   M Barrett    S Fraser-Krause    T Hansen 
HF   A Bastas    T Bransgrove    J Monk 
F   S Williams    J Miller    N Garrick 
Ruck   M Whitbread    T Weston    D Vandenbrink 
Int   T Curtis    M Pendlebury    M Goode 
    S Wood         
Emer   B Hurrell         

Mens Thirds (Division One)

v Randwick City

Pioneers Park, Saturday 2:15pm

B   N Bogard    S Bull    T Shumack 
HB   T Criniti    D Baron-Hay    O Morton 
C   J Potter    N Harris    N Barclay 
HF   T Smith    X Burton    W Giacometti 
F   M Begg    M Bowden    L O’Carroll 
Ruck   B Vozzo    B Hurrell    R Hezlett 
Int   M Voyage    A Beasley    A McConnell 
    H Stibbard         
Emer   C Pugh    S Hirche     

Mens Fourths (Division Two)

v East Coast

Gore Hill Oval, Saturday 10:40am

B   J Crisafulli    S Hirche    C Douglass 
HB   L Smith    C Pugh    A MacRae 
C   H Mainsbridge    N MacNamara    O James 
HF   C Hoffman    A Reddie    J Rosewarne 
F   J Anderson    N Tait    J English 
Ruck   S Kempson    J Donato    J Mills 
Int   M Jones     M Knight    J Waller 
    J Buckley         
Emer   Matt Bell    Marcus Bell     

Mens Fifths A (Division 3A)

v Pennant Hills

Gore Hill Oval, Saturday 8:30am

B   T Henderson    S Millar    J Worrell 
HB   Marcus Bell    C O’Halloran    J Swanton 
C   G Coloe    J Der    J Tahtali 
HF   S Bagot    G Smith    R Fitzpatrick 
F   N Cavenagh    J Hinck    A Whalland 
Ruck   M Chipchase    J Bateman    C Elliott 
Int   D Phillips    H Newberry    H Depczynski 
    J Graham         
Emer   B Tully    T Mears     

Mens Fifths B (Division 3B)


Weldon Oval, Saturday 12:30pm

B   W Dower    J Capp    N Appleby 
HB   A Heydon    K Faulkner    H Aug 
C   R Firth    L Beard    A Crabb 
HF   A Farmer    T Mears    D McCarthy 
F   R Liddle    H Smith     B Elliot 
Ruck   B Jackson    H McCutcheon    T Short 
Int   B Tully    H Hannah    J Ioppolo 
    M Vlr         
Emer   D Smith    J Hagans    J Conroy 

Under 19s Division One

v East Coast

Gore Hill Oval, Saturday 12:20pm

B   R Worner    H Barnum    A Graham 
HB   T Hallisy     A Beveridge    N Parker 
C   T Gillis    L Lawrence    M Riley 
HF   M McKenzie    B Gibbeson    E Byrne 
F   J Leavy    J Dillon    C Dennis 
Ruck   L Glackin    N Hill    H Cooper 
Int   E Shaik    C Hungerford    O Bird 

Under 19s Division Two

v Southern Power

Waratah Oval, Saturday 11:40am

B   T Pitts    C Lovegrove     
HB   S Milligan    C Saddington    S Chowdhury 
C   J Ferreira    I Selvarajah    C Jenkins 
HF   M Martin    B Greaves    W Geeves 
F   L Tilley    H Commins     
Ruck   F Babic    J Roffe    J Dow 
Int   C Barnum    Z Gnaden    G Webster 
    S Singaraya         

Womens Firsts (Division One)

v Manly

Weldon Oval, Saturday 10:50am

B   K Limbrey     C Fyffe     
HB   J Kronquist    N Steel    H Stilin 
C   E Matheson    I Hurst    T Jenkins 
HF   A Keating    M Eder     
F   S Lewington    S Barnes    S Ismen 
Ruck   A Baker    A Wilson    P Larkin 
Int   F Dalton    J Murphy    L Bird 
    K Evans    G Love     
Emer   S Gidley    A Martin    O Higgins 

Womens Seconds (Division Two)

v Campbelltown

Monarch Oval, Saturday 2:20pm

B   K Mesiti    S O’Hanlon     
HB   J Pan    M Masaoka    C Langdon 
C   A Martin    N Shaw    I English 
HF   N Seroukas    K Sutton    J Silvester 
F   M Andrews-Wurramarrba    I Smith     
Ruck   A Bradley    E Lindeback    S Oesterheld 
Int   C D’Souza    E Berton    S Gidley 
    B Taylor    O Higgins     

Womens Thirds (Division Three)

v Manly

Weldon Oval, Saturday 9:00am

B   S Denny    E Page      
HB   D Yuan    G Kent    B Gumbula 
C   K MacMahon    S Stack    G Watts 
HF   T Murphy    J Davies    T Hall 
F   E Langlands    C Marwedel     
Ruck   Madi Fogarty    E Willis    M Platt 
Int   E Chapman    L Crawford    S Jaja 
    G Mercado    E Carroll     


v Inner West Magpies

Gore Hill Oval, Saturday 6:30pm

To be confirmed