North Shore – The Early Years

By Peter McCutcheon

Many people don’t realise that the club started in 1903, making it one of the older clubs in Sydney. However it hasn’t always been smooth sailing along the way.
With the introduction of the 1912 district scheme (the name of the club had to refer to the area in which it was based),  North Shore changed their name to North Sydney. Then they folded in 1915 because of WWI only to re-emerge in 1921 to take out the premiership.  They were still known as North Sydney. 

Then in March 1926 a meeting held in the Manresa Hall, Carlow Street North Sydney, which saw a large attendance “and with considerable enthusiasm marked the formation of the new North Shore Club ….. after discussion it was decided to change the colours from maroon to red and black, the district colours.”   Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954), Friday 12 March 1926, page 5

The red and black jumper had many versions from vertical black and red stripes to the current black with the red sash. The clubs early jumper resembled the Fitzroy jumper of maroon with a blue yoke. These colours, maroon and blue are still the colours of North Sydney cricket club today.

1940 North Shore Football Club Annual Meeting
Fourteen players of the North Shore (Australian Rules) Football Club have enlisted for service overseas. At the annual meeting last week, the report stated that the coming season promised well, and the officials were sanguine that with many new players offering, the club’s prospects were bright. …. 

By 1942 it was reported that  the “North Shore Australian Rules Football Club claims that 69 of its 70 playing members are in the military services. It will not be able to field a team in the new season, but will retain its identity, by paying its affiliation to the League.”  (Riverine Grazier (Hay, NSW : 1873 – 1954), Friday 6 February 1942, page 2)