Fancy yourself as a sports writer? North Shore is calling you!


North Shore is a rapidly-growing club, and in 2019 more people will be wearing the black and red guernsey than ever before. Each of them has a story, and these are stories that should be told.

We’d love to have a website and social media presence to match what our club is. A growing place of football excellence, and where we have a bit of fun along the way. Where there’s always fresh stories and up-to-date information to keep people coming back. We need content!!

And that’s where you come in!


This year, we’re going to ask someone in every team to write a match report on the game they’ve played. With 22 players in a team and less than that many rounds, no-one should have to write more than one unless you choose to. To bring the game to life and the whole club can feel what happened – the agony and the ecstasy, the glory and the pain.

Because a footy game is more than a list of numbers and the names of goalkickers and best players. It’s 22 Bombers challenging their opponents and challenging themselves to be the best footballers they can be.


And there’s so much more we could do. Every week we’re putting out a short video talking about people in the club and their experiences at North Shore. There’s plenty more stories to be told. Would you be interested in interviewing your team-mates and hearing about their experiences?

Maybe we can have a bit of fun and some hot goss. The possibilities are endless. This club, and our online and social media presence, is what we make it.


And our content will always include the standard info. Results from last week, fixtures for next week, team selections etc.


If you’re interested in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you! Drop an email to our President John Goode at or our web content person Michael Shillito at and together we can tell the story of what an awesome club North Shore is to be a part of.