Community Umpiring Week is a dedicated round on the AFL’s calendar nationwide, with the aim to promote the benefits of umpiring at community level.
Umpiring AFL is a terrific way to get fit, get paid and meet new people.
Positive match day environments are crucial to the promotion of umpiring – which is why this weekend AFL NSW/ACT will be asking all players and coaches to shake hands with their umpires before each game – as a public display of commitment to making umpiring attractive to all newcomers

To facilitate this, the following should take place:
• Umpires walk out onto the ground at their normal time and warm up
• Teams enter the ground at their normal time and warm up
• At approximately 2 – 3 minutes before start time, umpires will invite captains in for the toss
• Teams are to join their captain/s in the middle of the ground for the toss, forming one straight line behind their respective captain
• After the toss, umpiring panel will split into two and move down the line of players shaking hands
• Teams will then go into final huddles and umpires will take position to start the match.

We ask all players from all our teams to support this initiative this weekend. Without umpires we wouldn’t have a game.