2017 Division 3 Premiers

Division 3

North Shore Bombers
camden cats
Camden Cats
Both teams were in their first season in this division after being promoted for this year; but both clubs had only lost one game during the regular season, to each other. North Shore qualified through the Second Semi-Final, but Camden then got through the Preliminary Final to set up a re-match.

But it didn’t take long for it to be clear this was going to be a one-sided affair. From the start, the Bombers were dominant and took control of the game. Facing little resistance in taking the ball into their attacking 50, and with a couple of remarkable goals from impossible angles, North Shore kept the scoreboard ticking over; and only some inaccurate finishing prevented the margin from blowing out further. But as it was, the Bombers kicked five unanswered goals in the first term, to lead by 34 points at quarter time.

Although the Cats were able to get two goals in the second term, they were still struggling to keep up with the red-hot Bombers. North Shore continued to dictate terms around the ground, and by adding a further three goals they stretched the lead to 40 points at the long break. The Cats attempted to get back into the game in the third term, but missed shots cost them any chance of getting back to within striking distance. The third term netted one goal apiece, and for all Camden’s efforts they had closed the gap by just three points and the Bombers remained 37 points ahead at the last change.

Day was turning into night and the clock was counting down to the Bombers’ premiership party through the final quarter. The Cats, feeling the dream slipping away, found the frustration setting in with a series of silly frees and 50 metre penalties. Four goals to three in favour of the Bombers would extend the final margin to 47 points.

Josh Brennan scored four goals for the Bombers; while Roger Jones, Zac Manley and Blake Linford were ball magnets around the ground. For the Cats, Ben Yakimov, Craig Trewhella and Victor Musgrave were their best.

For both clubs it was their first in Division Three; but they rose to their promotion to be the standouts. But it was North Shore who emerged as the strongest team in this division for the year. A reflection of the depth and skill at the club.

You can view the game online.

J. Brennan 4
Z. Manley 2
B. Bourn 2
B. Linford 2
S. Bear
H. Stibbard
R. Jones
A. Noyce 2
C. Murray
R. Sheahan
L. Aliphon
M. Halteh
Z. Manley
R. Jones
B. Linford
J. Brennan
R. Boyd
B. Yakimov
C. Trewhella
V. Musgrave
R. Sheahan
L. Jesson
S. Rooke