North Shore Players at Swans Intra

With the AFL’s pre-season matches not far away, the Swans have an important hit-out tonight with their intra-club trial game.
Among the Swans-listed players to take the field will be Rising Star Callum Mills and ruckman Sam Naismith; both of whom played for North Shore before being drafted.

But the connection doesn’t end there. Several North Shore players are in the Swans Academy and will be playing as top-up players in tonight’s game.
North Shore players who will be lining up tonight are Angus Baker, Sam Barkley, Harry Carr, Hamish McDonald and Jack Mapleson. Baker, Barkley, Carr and Mapleson are well-known at North Shore, having played for the Bombers last year; while McDonald has joined the Bombers in 2017, coming down from the country.
Luke Robertson would have played tonight, but is recovering from injury.

Good luck to our Bombers as they take part in this match.
The game is tonight (Friday 10th) at Henson Park. Admission is free, and the game is scheduled to begin at 5:30pm (although in this heat they may put it back a bit).