Pre-Season Schedule

The 2017 season is approaching, and there’s plenty to be done before the season starts. 2016 was a good year for North Shore, and we have hopes of going even better next year.

But for that to happen, our teams need to be prepared. Fit, skilful and ready to implement the game plan. Preparation is under way.

Senior Coach Ryan Meldrum has prepared the pre-season schedule, as attached. All players are welcome at every session and encouraged to attend as many as they can. Depending on the grade you intend to play in 2017, there are expectations that your coach will detail to you as to what is expected of you.

To all players, please make note of this schedule and record the dates and venues in your calendar. Should there be any changes to this schedule, we’ll let you know.

Hope to see you all training hard. We have high hopes of a very special year in 2017, and we think it’s achievable as long as our playing group is well prepared.

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